Welcome to our on-line courses. Here you will receive an electronic package that you may print out for practical use, and you will be given on-line training with your teacher over Zoom, Whatsapp video or Skyp. These lessons may be individual or in a group over a video app.

You do have the option of purchasing a kit for a course that needs a kit, which will be sent to you at an additional cost, and courier costs will be charged to the student. Alternatively, if you already have the tools/products for the course chosen, you need not purchase the kit.

You will schedule your virtual classes with your teacher on line through email or whatsapp. Certain courses, you will receive video clips which you can use to help you with your practical lessons.

Assignments will be given to you that on completion you will need to return to your teacher or a video clip of your practical must be returned to the teacher for analysing.

Exams will be held on-line through live video.

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