Course: Baby Massage


The Baby Massage Certified Course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to practice baby massage safely, along with a comprehensive understanding of its health and wellbeing benefits, such as improved physiological, cognitive, emotional and social development.

Course Outline:

  • Wonderful World of Baby Massage
  • Understanding the Benefits of Baby Massage
  • Getting to Know Your Baby Better
  • Preparing for the Big Massage
  • Making Massage Part of Your Baby’s Life 
  • Working with Premature Babies  
  • Older Babies and Toddlers
  • Fitting Massage into Nap, Bath, and Diaper Time
  • Massage for Common Ailments and Problems
  • Massage for Emotional and Developmental Issues
  • Massage for High risk Babies
  • Ten Special Techniques 
  • Treating physical problems 
  • Easing emotional stress 
  • Unleashing Endorphins  
  • The autonomic nervous system 
  • Aiding with Postpartum Depression 
  • Promoting Growth, 
  • Strengthening the immune system 
  • Selecting an Oil to Use 
  • Preparing for the Big Massage 
  • Massaging Safely :
    • Arm Massage Technique
    • Chest Massage Technique
    • Abdomen Massage Technique
    • Leg, Feet and Toes Massage Technique
    • Advanced Arm Massage
    • Advanced Face Massage
    • Advanced Back Massage
    • Advanced Leg Massage
    • Advanced Chest Massage
    • Advanced Scalp Massage
    • Advanced Abdominal Massage

Ideal for:

Baby Massage is an excellent course for you and your baby, (toddler or young one included!) or for a therapist interested in working with babies in hospitals, at children’s homes, Crèches etc. 


In addition to helping babies and parents to bond, there are plenty of other benefits to baby massage, such as aiding relaxation (for both the parent and the child) and sleep, providing a way for others to bond with the baby, and building confidence in handling the baby. There are also known health benefits, which, along with the aforementioned, are detailed in the course.

Before diving into the massage techniques, you are first taken through the history of the practice, introduced to influential people in the field of baby massage, and exposed to current thinking and research findings. Later in the course, you will also be provided with specific case studies that outline the importance of massage and the difference it can make.

The Infants Massage course is designed to teach the theory and practice of how to give a Baby Massage, infants using a variety of specialised massage techniques. 

Vocalisation, eye-to-eye contact, and other positive behavioural reinforcements are also important components of the massage. 

Infant massage instruction have become so popular and now takes place all over the world.

This is a specialized massage therapy course and students need to have completed the Swedish Massage course before doing this course. 


4 lessons


R4,300 (no kit)

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