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Taking this course in caregiving focuses on helping you develop the skills for becoming an effective caregiver, as well as the basic legal and ethical issues of providing care. Caregiving involves assisting with meals, personal care, and transportation. It is the provision of care for the physical and emotional needs of a family member or a patient. You will also learn about dementia, the impact of diseases and traumatic injuries, and more.

Pre-requisites: None
Certificate obtained:
Duration: 5 days
Mode of Training: Online and in-person (Cape Town)

Pricing and Registration:

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Why this course:

Caring for people suffering from various mental and physical health conditions is a big responsibility, so with this online or in-class caregiving course, you can do a great job of it. Join our classes and learn how to become an effective caregiver for clients and/or family members. You can also gain the knowledge and skills required in proper dementia care, elderly care, and caring for the disabled. Caregivers are highly valued professionals who make a big contribution to the health of our society. Our training courses are designed to help you become a competent caregiver

Course Content

The Carer Environment
– Definition – Responsibilities  – Service Team – Service Team Duties  – The Carer – The Supervisor – The Doctor 
Training & Standards  – Training & Orientation  – Professional Standards  – Standards or Carer  ¬- Principals of Carer
Care of the Elderly  – working with the elderly  -People with disabilities – TREATMENTS
Legal issues for carers
Professional Standards
Law & Ethics – Ethical principal – Rights & Choices of Clients – Rights and Choices of carers – Confidentiality & Trust
Reporting Abuse – Child & Adult abuse – Risk factors – Signs of abuse – Professional Standards – Laws & Ethics
Avoiding legal action – Ethical Principles
Communication – Verbal & non-verbal Communication – Assertiveness – Attitudes – Barriers to communication
Developing Communication Techniques – I messages – reflection – Respect & Conflict Management
Conflict resolution, Respectful communication, Sensory Impairments, Vision & Hearing Impairments,

Learning Outcomes, Stress Management,
Time Management & Schedules, Time management, Prioritizing duties, Personal & Professional & Personal Boundaries,
Safe Lifting Techniques, Lifters guidelines
Recognising signs & Symptoms,
Observing Illness – Warning signs – Observation & Support –
Cultural considerations – Care giving & culture differences
Infections, Nutrition & Food Safety
Dealing with Infections, Risk & Prevention, being aware of viruses, Fighting Infections, TB awareness
Nutritional Awareness
Hydration & Dehydration, Menu Planning & Guidelines, Cultural & Religious factors, Food & Diet, Nutritional facts
Food Lables, Food Hygiene, Safe Food practices, EMERGENCY Assistance / Scenarios / planning
Additional Medical emergencies
Strokes / Siezures / Fractures, Dealing with falls, Fire safety, Treating common Emergencies, Dementia & Symptoms
Alzheimer’s , Caring for the Carers, Working Effectively with colleagues
Family Concerns,
Communication – Verbal – Non-Verbal, Dealing with Difficult Behaviour,
Therapeutic Activities
How aging effects the Body, HEALTH, emotion
Nail, skin, hair care,
Minimising physical damage, Bones & Muscles, Osteoporosis, Stomach & Bowls, Kidney & Urine, Sensory Impairment,
Treating & managing Diabetes, Spinal injuries & related conditions, Brain injuries,
Disease of the Central Nervous Systems, Depression

Students need

note book & pen

Your Instructor

You will be trained by Brenda-Lee Paul, who is the Principal and main lecturer at the International School. Brenda-Lee also runs a detox centre and a Lifestyle Detox Health Farm.

Brenda-Lee has 28 years experience in the beauty industry and runs several businesses. She has worked and trained in Netherlands, USA, Italy, Africa and many other countries.

Clients comments: “I’ve been to the most expensive Beauty School in Cape Town, but I have never received such quality hands-on training as given by Brenda-Lee. At a previous expensive college I came away unsure and “shaky” to give a treatment, but through Brenda-Lee’s training, I have confidence to give good advice and treatments”

Pricing and Registration:

In-person, no kitR6,500 Add to basket
OnlineR4,550Add to basket

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