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Ozone therapy is especially for students who want to be come a professional ozone therapist and either run their own lifestyle detox centre or work for a lifestyle center.  It is also good for personal home use to learn the extra care needed when giving yourself and family members treatments

Pre-requisites: None
Certificate obtained:
Duration: 2 days
Mode of Training: Online and in-person (Cape Town)Register for this course today!

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Why this course

The beauty industry is becoming more and more aware that beauty comes from within… this is what ozone therapy does.. It cleans up your body from within… rejuviating, reviving, restoring your cells. Weightloss is a huge industry… ozone therapy burns 750 calories per session!  Ozone detoxes your body… enabling your body to loose weight effortlessly.  The best anti-ager out is ozone therapy! Tightening your skin and rejuivenating your cells… you will not be sorry you took this course!

Course content

A short history of ozone in the world
What is oxygen / ozone therapy
Ozone uses in the world.
Ozone positive effects
What is HIV / AIDS
The immune system
The immune system and HIV /AIDS
Ozone and HIV / AIDS
Transdermal  administration of ozone
Infra red ozone steam Saunette
Preparing client for ozone Therapy
Treatment of client during ozone therapy
After care of client
Testimonies / Case Histories / Clinical Trials

Students need:

Bring someone with to most classes to practice on

Your Instructor

You will be trained by Brenda-Lee Paul, who is the Principal and main lecturer at the International School. Brenda-Lee also runs a detox centre and a Lifestyle Detox Health Farm.

Brenda-Lee has 28 years experience in the beauty industry and runs several businesses. She has worked and trained in Netherlands, USA, Italy, Africa and many other countries.

Clients comments: “I’ve been to the most expensive Beauty School in Cape Town, but I have never received such quality hands-on training as given by Brenda-Lee. At a previous expensive college I came away unsure and “shaky” to give a treatment, but through Brenda-Lee’s training, I have confidence to give good advice and treatments”

Pricing and Registration:

In-person, no kitR3,600 Add to basket
OnlineR2,550Add to basket

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