Course: Diet and Nutrition


The Nutrition course is everything you need to know to successfully coach nutrition.  This course can be done on or off line:   Study at your own pace, anywhere.
Work through the certification at your own speed, from anywhere in the world. Plus, you’ll get help when you need it via our private, online support group.
Explore the benefits of a plant-based diet. Look into basic nutrients, healthy dietary habits, and the link between one’s diet and diseases. Learn to evaluate and obtain appropriate nutrients from a vegetarian diet for all ages. Discover tools for evaluating fads and avoiding extremes in the area of nutrition. Practically work all of these aspects into a balanced, healthy, and vegetarian weekly menu.

Pre-requisites: None
Certificate obtained:
Duration: 4 days
Mode of Training: Online and in-person (Cape Town)

Pricing and Registration:

In-person, no kitR3,200 Add to basket
OnlineR2,300Add to basket

Why this course

This course is brilliant for you whether you are boosting your nutritional coaching skills to help your clients, or for your own personal development, or starting a new career or side business you are passionate about.
Master the latest in the science of nutrition from a naturopathy view
Feel confident and qualified to coach anyone
This nutrional course has one purpose: to help you master the science of nutrition and the art of coaching, so you can get life changing results for you and your clients
With this Nutrition Certification, you’ll learn how to:
• Give the right advice at the right time
• Use our proven coaching methods to support others
• Help people make progress now

Course content

The truth about calories, hormones, and weight control
• Why weight loss isn’t as simple as “eat less, move more”
• How hormone imbalances can impact metabolism
• The surprising reasons people don’t lose weight
• 3 simple strategies for stimulating fat loss
– The proven way to get people to follow your advice
– 3 steps to helping clients discover relentless motivation
– The genius solution that helps busy people find time for healthy habits
– 7 progress indicators that are better than the scal
– And much more
How to Eat, when to eat, what to eat
How your digestive system works
Food combinations
Recipies for health and weightloss
Detox diets

Students need:

An equipped kitchen to practice what you learn
A computer to watch the dvd’s sent for the course

Your Instructor

You will be trained by Brenda-Lee Paul, who is the Principal and main lecturer at the International School. Brenda-Lee also runs a detox centre and a Lifestyle Detox Health Farm.

Brenda-Lee has 28 years experience in the beauty industry and runs several businesses. She has worked and trained in Netherlands, USA, Italy, Africa and many other countries.

Clients comments: “I’ve been to the most expensive Beauty School in Cape Town, but I have never received such quality hands-on training as given by Brenda-Lee. At a previous expensive college I came away unsure and “shaky” to give a treatment, but through Brenda-Lee’s training, I have confidence to give good advice and treatments”

Pricing and Registration:

In-person, no kitR3,200 Add to basket
OnlineR2,300Add to basket

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